/ by Nerina Lascelles

Old Studio - New Studio

It is with a degree of sadness that I farewell the most incredible chapter of both living and painting art Dunmoochin over the last two years.  The Artist’s Residency Program which was set up in the 1990’s offers an incredible opportunity for local, Australian and International artists to experience living in close proximity with other artists and the beauty of the Australian bush.

I would seem that each and every artist who spends time at Dunmoochin is reluctant to leave (myself included!!) but it’s fabulous to know that other artists will come to be inspired, stimulated and supported in the future.  I am so gratetul for all of the connections that I’ve made during my time at Dunmoochin. A heartfelt thank you to each and every one I have had the fortune to meet.

At this point I’d also like to thank all of you who came to visit during the Artist’s Open Studios in May. It’s always such a pleasure to invite you into my studio… and this time in particular – being my final open day at Dunmoochin.

Open Studios - May 2012    Photo thanks to Cindy Plowman

At the finalisation of my residency, I have had the absolute honour of being invited to become a member of the Dunmoochin Foundation. I’m so grateful that I may be able to offer future artists an ounce of the support and opportunity that I have had during my residency. An honour indeed. :)

And in with the New....

Moving house and studio can be quite an upheaval, so I chose to take myself away on a refreshing holiday once the last box was packed. A trip to Europe through the galleries, theaters, culture and countryside of England, Portugal, Spain and France has reinspired and reignited all creativity.

New Studio

Upon returning to Melbourne, I have moved into ‘Frank Werther’s’ studio which is also located in the bush at Dunmoochin. Frank was an extremely well respected man and an incredibly proific artist. It’s a great pleasure to have the opportunity to paint up a storm in the very studio where so much creativity has poured forth in the past!

Winter morning at Dunmoochin