NOW SHOWING..... / by Nerina Lascelles

N E R I N A  L A S C E L L E S
New exhibition of paintings at

B R O W N K O R T E ' S

Mist on the Diamond Creek, 122cm x 122cm, 2012

Goodness, it's really hard to believe that it's the second half of 2012 already I thought it high time that I connected to share the updates on all things 'Art' in my little world!

Firstly, I've recently hung a new body of 11 paintings in an exhibition at "BrownKorte's" in Kangaroo Ground.
The whole BrownKorte's experience really compliments the Oriental theme in my paintings. With spectacular views and an award winning menu, which is also infused with an Asian flavour, it's a great pleasure to hang my work in this beautiful building.
My personal favourite on their current Winter Menu is: "Hiramasa yellowfin kingfish sushimi, soy, mirin and sesame dressing, bonito flake popcorn" To die for!!!

The exhibition is now showing and will be on display throughout the next month so please feel more than free to visit for a coffee, glass or wine or beautiful meal off the BrownKorte's menu.
The paintings are also available for purchase ... and well who knows..... one might just make for a perfect father's day gift! : )

Migration Flight, Mixed Media on Canvas, 152cm x 152cm, 2012 

Vintage Peony Rose, 92cm x 153cm, 2012