August 2010 - "Shinzui - Essence" - Yering Station / by Nerina Lascelles

During August and September I had a solo exhibition at Yering Station, Victoria’s first vineyard.  This exhibition comprised of 44 paintings and prints displayed in both the Cellar Door Gallery and Matt’s Bar Gallery.

Please click on image above to view the paintings from this exhibition in the 'Shinzui Gallery' on my website.

The title ‘Shinzui’ (Japanese for ‘Essence’) speaks of a space or stillness which existed before or beyond the realm of matter. It contains an understanding of Zen Buddhism and suggests a magical, ‘alive’ dimension beyond the 3D form that we, as humans so heavily identify with. The word ‘Essence’ has been used to describe the aspect of ourselves which is connected to all life or our true nature.

My work has been inspired by the sacred arts of a number of Asian cultures. Be it a painting on a shrine wall, a monk’s calligraphy koan or a beautifully woven kimono, these ancient objects of beauty seem to ‘point to’ the essence of all life. Over time, dust, dirt and decay appear to conceal the treasure beneath - but the essence that inspired the creation originally can never be marred or destroyed with time.

Similarly, the understanding of our true essence and connection to ‘the whole’ is sensed deep within ourselves - beneath the layers of mind, emotions and form. This essence is also a beautiful treasure which is always present, just beneath the surface.

The paintings are material objects that depict an image which arose from the essence and which, at their highest function, will offer the viewer a window to their own invisible essence within.

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